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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our Story
est. 2000

For over two decades, Michelangelo's has been the premiere destination for modern beauty and forward-thinking hair artistry. Our experienced team of professionals provides clients with the highest quality services and creative innovation, transforming them into the best version of themselves. Experience the beauty oasis that has been providing exceptional services since the start and let us show you the power of transformation.

Our ultimate goal is to make every client feel safe, valued, and appreciated while also celebrating their individualism. Everything our team does is based in creativity, with the intent to help each client flourish as their authentic inner self. We strongly believe that everyone has a story to tell about who they are through self-expression and we want to play a significant role in your journey to self-empowerment.

While some people go to the salon to look a certain way, you go to Michelangelo's to feel a certain way. 

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